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Master review. Today has submitted Master’s review of SMS. This is one of the master onboard jobs as per ISM code to review the shipboard performance and company management system how was the system effective on board.
Yeah… from my thought was many things to add, insert, remove and amend.

As we know onboard AHTS/supply boat is simple but not simply as we thought as a small boat or tug boat. From my observed supply vessel so more safety on direct practical rather than other type of vessel. also more equipment need to maintain properly to rich the goal of company safety policy.

But don’t think that if more safety need much more form and many things have to perform..!! no.. it just needs a simple practical form performance.

Yeah.. just imagine it.. just like a car… or motorcycle, you need to make sure all part, turn/side light, brake, mirror window, steering well at on your maintain attention.

Below just some items to our attention so simple.. don’t think checklist same as maintenance. We must separate it.

Below some items, I have reviewed.

Chapter 7 (Maintenance)

1. Autopilot
2. Echo/Depth Sounder
3. Magnetic Compass
4. Gyro And Repeaters
5. VHF Radios
6. Single Side Band (SSB)
7. Inmarsat-C & Printers
8. GPS
10. Distress Signals
11. Searchlight Fwd/Aft bridge (separate with Aldis lamp)
12. Aldis lamp
13. Clear view screen Fwd/Aft bridge window
14. E.P.I.R.P
15. SART
16. SSAS
17. AIS
18. Weather Fax

1. Anchor Windlass Insp/Gres
2. Anchor And Chains.
3. Capstan. Aft P/S and Fwd P/S.
4. Mooring ropes.
5. Fenders.

1. Deck Crane (gres. Wire, hook chk)
2. Tow Winch (greas point.)
3. Tow Wire & Work Wires (gres.)
4. Spare Towing wire and work wire (gres.)

1. Scuppers and Drains
2. Transfer Hoses

1. Bow Thruster Engine
2. Anchor Handling Towing Winch Engine
3. Fuel Oil Purifier

Request zero injury intensive money for crews onboard

– Please more improved ISM System forms. Separate tanker form with Tug and Supply vessel form.
– Provide PMS Manual for each item that stated in PMS.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Today story,
Evening at bridge: 22-17N/120-18E

Good night everyone.
From where I am, Weather observed sea and wind slight to calm, partly cloudy and from weather fax reported
[JMA] Typhoon KAI-TAK (201726) is at 11.1N, 127.4E with 1000hPa and 18m/s on 2017-12-14 09 UTC.

On bridge enjoying a time.. have a talking. VHF conversations monitoring are fishing vessel and merchant ship talking about fishing net.

Tonight no coffee. Usually in morning or noon after lunch.

Visibility is good.. I can see light of the town from here. Yes..! this better night. Current also slight. I think tonight is slight to calm night. Yes! I can imagine like that. Yeah in my position but not in weather fax reported position. There is a typhoon concentration. Sea is relative.. it’s not absolute. like tide sometime high sometime low and depend from where you are.

TW High sea
Calm Night.
Thursday, December 14, 2017 08.00PM +8UTC

Calling Nipa but didn’t reach with VHF. Sea current drifted away her from us and maybe she also has a job operation STS with other without us.

Going down and take lunch.. come up bridge again I remember of my IF card Internet. Make some communication hope its sent to me as soon as possible due to my internet data getting expired on next few days.

Second time call again NIPA and reached. get communication and all operation planning has confirmed.

Get rest again waiting agent confirmation to bunker FW and maybe also crews change.

Monday, December 11, 2017
Have a good day..
TW High sea

Hi.. comeback again.. ! Today weather come up rather rough and sun shining. As usual daily life at sea come to bridge when finished eating lunch. Have a seat, enjoy a cup of coffee. Open the phone and open unread whatsapp message.

Today, at sea more better.. Internet connection not so difficult and we’re keep connected to most world connection technology. yeah it’s called like that.

Today at LiuQiu island vicinity still on stand by for job operations. Everyone onboard have a holiday on bridge. All buddy keep personal device and communicate with lovely person on shore at home.

Activities at sea real normal human…! just 11 persons we’re keep together as a team work.. some time busy with each work. Another time get together on bridge enjoying free time.

Today is Sunday, Say Good Sunday to you all Christian !! May God blessed and enjoyable life you anywhere!

Sunday, Dec 10, 2017

TW high sea..

In my room. Time is 21.30 (+8 UTC), I open my note to write something that I have planned to do every day was writing some English activities article in my blog.

Today many things i have done.
1st thing is renew my blog server rent about 240 thousands IDR. Just have paid.

2nd thing is able to posting my previews note to blog with BD application on laptop. Setting everything and get working again.

3rd thing is replace my phone screen protection called tempered glass. actually not in number 3, in before 1st thing.. but writing must go on! time was never back. what I have wrote let it. yes..! Do you agree?
My wife bought for me and brought on board by new on signer chief off was on board a few days ago depart from Jakarta. and also brought some useful device called AIS plug. I already tested and working good on my phone with Isailor map.

I like to thank to my friend Bagus, you’re the very update smart modern SeaMan..!! you updated me so good useful device.

Today at sea, so different with 10 years ago. I know AIS plug have some year ago, was a IMO requirements but we know it using by pilot and also not all of the pilot around the port..! it just only a some pilot and in a big port.

Now, everything like ECDIS is just a phone screen view. I hope you can imagine my writing style, bad English and can understand what exactly I mean.

okay friends.. I stop for right now. So long sentence I wrote. I have back to looking for gold to upgrade Eagle Artillery my COC game waiting me.

Next time i will back with AIS plug and Isailor. Very useful navigation aids and professionals device.

Thank you! have a good weekend. I’m here weekend in my room.

December 9, 2017
TW high sea, Near Liugiu island drifting off.

Here for stand by

On bridge this morning, weather moderate to rough sea.. at near Liqiu island drifting off.

Today as usual when has completed operation, back here for stand by waiting another further operation . Enjoying a cup of coffee with view of the sea horizon.. Have some rest of vessel operation and normal daily work deck hand maintained.

Time now around to lunch time.. have a good time all buddy.. see you next time on daily writing.

High sea TW,

December 8th, 2017

Good morning everyone!

Come back again.. with my daily writing. Today will be going well as has started good at back loading and personnel transfer with O.Tiara. Weather is fine! current also nice. Right now on the way to offload at Nipa.. hopefully there will be also fine as has started at O.Tiara.

Good luck every my friends..! Enjoying your activities everywhere. I’m here, I’m just enjoying my time writing. Have a good day you all.

TW High Sea STS operation.

December 7th, 2017

This today afternoon on bridge, enjoying a cup of coffee, reading SMS manual book, chapter Maintenance.

In radio sounded E. Glory was calling O.Tiara. also radio conversation was cargoes operation going to completed with Brilliant. Its mean A. Rong will time to going for STS personnel transfer again.

LUZON Strait of TW it’s a place of some seaman life job activity at sea.

Working at moved target, relatively ship movement its a fund job..! even without DP or modern mode of bridge navigation aids, I enjoyed it. From the bottom we learned again how the basic idea of the relative movement at sea. How the current, how the wind can help…!! Like a birth flying reach the height with help of the little wind.

TW high sea, Dec 06th, 2017

Come back again…. to remember when I was a child too many experienced still pop up in my mind. speaking on my mind.

I forgot what to write just imagine and fill it was amazing.. hopefully will going well my writing and improving my skills.

TW high sea STS Operation.

November 1st, 2017


Today morning, when I got up from my bed, i was fell less not as usual because I wake up by engine sounded me. I went to bridge and i show engine was running heading to Nipa.

Oh.. it’s okay, a few moment I take a seat and I open my phone looking some menu and think some things.


Before I get up to bridge I don’t forget to pray first, may Lord leading me today on good way.

Tuesday Morning, October 17, 2017

By seaMan, TW hight sea

Today, 06/Mar/2017,
Magnama 2 Block 16,

Has been more than 1 month passed, the activities still going on as the usual the mariner’s life at sea.

Also has more long time, the blogs no updating from any news, any some of copy paste article or something good to share.

So, if i wanna telling something, the secret maybe…, the Indonesian mariner life some time better.. sometime working, have job.. sometimes less job… get job and going to sea! 3 months latter finished contract and get back shore no job.. no job again.

it’s reality ,, realities of some group of seaman life..!

Now.. also here… maybe i get better and back again to blog.. creating and writing something to enjoying fun of the seaman life story… until the time will getting back to sign off, vacation and staying home, back to problem again, less job.

So, as the subject I’m gonna writing some fun things about Bangladesh offshore.. maybe get help for anyone of seaman on the planet.. which has been a over the world relationship of life at sea .

Will be continue..

Posted 18/10/16 |
Index of Certificates

01. International Tonnage Certificate (1969) Tonnage Convention Art 7

02. International Load Line Certificate LL Convention Art 16

03. International Load Line Exemption Certificate LL Convention Art 6

04. Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate SOLAS Reg I/12

05. Intact stability booklet

06. Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate

07. Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate SOLAS Reg I/12(GMDSS I/12)

08. Cargo Ship Safety Radio Exemption Certificate

09. Damage control booklets

10. Minimum Safe Manning Document SOLAS Reg V/14.2

11. Cargo Securing Manual SOLAS Reg VI/5.6 & VII/5

12. International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate MARPOL I

continue reading…

Posted 18/10/16 |
Ship’s Particulars Form (Supply vessel)

1. Name of vessel:
2. IMO number:
3. Type of vessel:
   – (include detail of any special features)
   – Previous name(s)

continue reading…

    Review kembali: 18/Mar/2016
    Mata kulia: Hukum Maritim
    Dosen: Capt. Pramono
    Date: 22/10/2013

    (Coret-coretan catatan pelajaran, mohon kembali ke buku! tidak diperkenankan dijadikan acuan)

    Catatan Hal. 2 ( hal 1, 2 di kertas )
    Soal kelayak lautan,
    >>Keselamatan kapal. Hal 32.
    Solas 74 terdiri dari 12 Chapter ( Hal 33)
    Kapal bendera Indonesia wajib masuk BKI Class ( hal 34)
    BKI belum masuk dalam angggota IACs. BKI bisa masuk anggota IACs apabila sudah 16jt kapal telah diklaskan.

continue reading…