I’m writing this story, while vessel on the way going to west STS location at TW high sea. 3 fender 3.3m x 6.5 m fender with ropes and rigging accessories also one super boson from NIPA, have been loaded from port side NIPA.

Bosun who skilled of fender handling has called super bosun. I heard that word here, anyway its cool word. Those fender accessories are for support 3rd party STS operation. Moonbeam with OSprey STS will be conducted after 2nd party Warrior with O.Moonbeam finished.

We have been here at STS location from a few days ago, when after FW bunkered from the port and departed at 6 Jan 2018 @0100h, come to support P.Yang Hu STS Operating with Warrior and had also transfer 160Mt of F.water to NIPA before 1st STS operation Warrior with P.Yang Hu commenced.

1st STS job, Warrior and P.Yang Hu STS have completed on 07 Jan 2019.
We have to wait for another STS job again are Warrior with O.Moonbeam and right now I’m writing the story are 2nd STS party O.Moonbeam and Warrior are in progress.

On the bridge I just received AB reported that he saw some damage at hull near the window at port side her cabin window.

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