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Come back again with me, the seaman life story. Tonight feel good.. open the phone and play the fingers to exercise the what I called mental exercise.

Yeah, mental exercise.. can you imagine it? How to exercise your brains mental like your body, physical exercise.

Brains also need to exercise it. Because the brain is also one of the body parts. So the seaman needs to have mental exercise because we’re far from the land the place of the real human living.

The important thing how to exercise your brain is writing. By writing you can explore out your imagination, your idea your problem or happiness, so your brain will get better… sure you already share your brains load to someone on the internet to reading it… it’s cool right??

Okay, I have to go down now, my clothes running in laundry machine… bye bye guys… see you again in my next short story.

Seaman short life story,
TW High Sea.

Tuesday Night, February 13, 2018
at 08.48PM

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hi… Good February everyone..! Comeback again I’m here with my daily story from high sea. Right now I’m on the bridge watching out… enjoying the ship rolling, have a cup of Milo and my phone with no signal. Open the note to writing some things my daily story.

This morning in around me.. have NIPA and MR Star in STS and also O.Moonbeam has just arrived planning to STS NIPA.

Super and Tech at on NIPA from 30 January 2018. Planning today to pick up them after M.Master transfer to O.Moonbeam.

Right now 10.17h, Still waiting aft of NIPA we don’t know maybe change plan. Too many ships in schedule.. we also have a schedule to A/S jetty to repair crane on 2nd Feb, tomorrow.

Anyway, have enjoyed the day at sea, weather is rough and wind is strong 35 knots.
From high sea where I’m here reported my story.

TW Hig sea