Vessel heading 245 going to 22 05N/ 120 10E. After completed transfer fresh water to NIPA. Come on bridge 30 minute prior to complete transfer. Have a shower, drink 2 glasses of water.

Right now I’m writing.. yes writing some continuous story of a daily crazy story of a man at sea.

This afternoon weather is good, winds about 10 knots NNE, Slight sea, swell Variable dirr. Sea current 1.3 knots 083 degree, based on COG marked in my personal device I-sailor for the last tracking.

I’m also open my another lovely marine map Navionic… more powerful in maps information data we had in the territorial water. Yes, pretty good marine maps. I have also used it for a couple of years ago before I-sailor support in android. I always use it because I loved it.

Okay, right now at the bridge observation is good, sun at vessel heading and partly cloudy, slightly sea. sun about going to sunsets. Around visibility becoming a shadow.

Rachman Ab on the bridge, Second mate Burhan also enjoyed the time and have a seat at steering chair. Rachman updates the whiteboard for FW quantity remaining onboard.

I stop my spot story for now. Will back again in another time ahead of my daily story in crazy English. I’m gonna go down for dinner. Thanks again guys for listening to my writing speaking. I hope also you have a great time, anywhere anytime in the past or in the further right now you’re reading this crazy story.

Saturday, January 6, 2018
At TW high Sea.
a man at sea reported.

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