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When ship owners decide to order a new ship, they tell the Naval Architect about the cargo they want the ship carry. They also tell what routes the ship will ply and desired speed. They put limits on the ship’s dimensions and the price that they prepared to pay.


Pada saat pemilik kapal memutuskan memesan kapal baru, mereka memberitahukan kepada arsitek bangunan kapal tentang muatan yang hendak dibawa oleh kapal. Mereka memberitahukan dia juga trayek kapal dan kecepatan yang dikehendaki. Mereka menentukan pada dimensi kapal dan harga yang mereka siapkan untuk dibayar.



You are supposed as chief officer of MV. MH Thamrin, you are requested to send a report to the Director of PT. Gembira Lloyd, Jl. Raya Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok.

In the report you inform that your ship lost “bow anchor” while leaving loading port on the way of proceeding to discharging port.

Information must be included in the report are as follows:

1. Names of loading port and discharging port

2. Time and date of leaving port

3. Time condition of sea and ship’s position when undergoing loss of bow anchor.

4. Efforts to overcome the problem

5. Other information which is important to send.


To Mr. Arnoldus E. Taemnanu

Director of

PT. Pelayaran Gembira Lloyd

Jl. Raya Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok

Jakarta – Indonesia

Re: Lost of bow anchor

Dear Sir,

This is to report to you that the ship had lost her bow anchor.

On May 23, 1630 hrs the uploading was completed at Le Havre Port then we left Le Havre bound for Stockholm. While on the way passing Biscay straits we caught by storm nearly gale at 2300 hrs, the wind speed raised rapidly NW 5 and Barometer pressure dropped to 998. Wave height was about 7 meter.

The next day after the the storm was calm down, I with Bosun went round on deck, made an inspection, it was found that port side bow anchor was gone.

I have made a contact with our agent at Stockholm to arrange a spare anchor instalation.

Please advise us which port of call may the ship gets a new replacement.

Your attention in this matter is appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

CH. Mate.

Intern telephone system within the ship has two digit and it can not be used to outside ship, it is connected to some rooms, engine rooms and bridge.


III. Make some sentences relating to one of the following topics :

1.English for seaman

2.How to manage the time efficiently

3.The successful leadership

Jawab :

1. It is very important to learn English for seaman, because it is needed on board the ship.

2. Everybody should be able to manage their own time efficiently.

3. The successful leadership very much depend on the ability of the leader to work as a team.


IV). Answer the following questions as clearly as possible!

1.Why does general cargo stowage present few problem? And bulk cargo stowage present few problem?


General cargo consist are variety of goods, packed separately and each item has its own type of packing and characteristic.B/ Bulk cargo consists of single commodity.

2. How is liquid bulk cargo loaded on board at loading port and unloading at Discharging port?


While at Loading Port, Liquid bulk cargo is pumped from shore tanks passing pipeline and shore loading arm, ship’s manifold then into cargo tanks. When at Discharging Port, liquid bulk cargo is pumped out from ship’s tanks, passing ship’s manifold, through shore loading arm, shore pipeline then into shore tanks.

3.Communications within the ship are done by intern telephone system, to what extant do you recognize an internal telephone system and how is it be operated? Explain clearly!


Intern telephone system within the ship has two digit and it can not be used to outside ship, it is connected to some rooms, engine rooms and bridge.

4 Communications over relatively short distance can be made by visual or sound signals. How do you know visual and sound signal and how are the sent? Explain clearly.


Visual communications can be made by flags or aldis lamp, which the operators are sending morse signals toward each other