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Kumpulan Topik Shipping Terminology


I. Shipping Terminology
Give a definition in English for the following terms
1. Arrived ship
2. Coaster
3. LNG Carrier
4. Short Sea Liner

1. Arrived Ship : Ship has reached a Port, end of her voyage.
2. Coaster : A ship sails in coastal routes and up river to inland port.
3. LNG : A ship as designed and built specially to carry Liquid Natural Gas
4.Short Sea Liners: Ships are sailing on regular routes in short distance or domestic voyage, on fixed timetable.


Give a concise definition in English for the following terms.
1.Baltic Route
2 Chief Officer
3.LNG Carrier
4.Short-sea Liners
5.Odorous Cargo
6.Chapter IV ( STCW 95 )
7.North Cardinal Mark ( Buoyage )
8.Registry Certificate


Jawab :
1.Baltic route : special route for safe passage navigation when passing Baltic sea.
2.Chief officer: the person who incharge & responsible to deck Department.
3.LNG Carrier: special type & model of vessel which always carrying cargo Liquid Natural Gas.
4.Short Sea Liners:type of ship voyage which always having short distance in coverage and mostly same route.
5.Odorous Cargo: typical of cargo which having strong of smell.
6.Chapter IV(STCW 95): Radio communication & Radio personal mandatory provision relating radio watchkeeping according to the radio Regulation & in the Int’l Convention for safety life at sea.
7. Norh Cardinal Mark(Buoyage):system of buoyage indicating navigable waters to the named side of the mark , it can be shown by topmarks 2 black cones pointing upwards &black above yellow.
8.Registry Certificate: Cert Origin of vessel stating from which port the vessel were registered.



Give a concise definition in English for the following terms.
1.  Trade Route    
2.  Naval Architect   
3.  Multideck Vessel   
4.  Seaworthiness Certificate   
5.  Regulation III / 3 ( STCW 95 )
6.  East Cardinal Marks ( Buoyage system )
7.  Fragile Cargo
8.  Deep-sea Tramps


Jawab : Belon boss



FIOST:Free in out Stowed and Trimmed.
Meaning that all cargo costs will be borne by the
charterer, free for the vessel.

LayCan :Laydays and Canceling date.
Example. 15-30 Sept. 2004. meaning that vessel does not have to arrive as cargo not ready yet but not after 30 Sept. (canceling date).
MOLOO :More Or Less Owners Option
To be inserted in the charter party to prevent the owners from being claimed by the Charterer in case not all the cargo contracted can be lifted, to be declared by the master before completion of loading.
Example. “10000 tons 10 % MOLOO to be declare by the master 12 hours before completion of loading”, that mean if 10 % less than 10000 tons, vessel can not be claimed.
CQD :Customary Quick Dispatch.
In accordance with customary speed in port.
TLO :Total Loss Only.
Condition that used if detriment is total loss ( actual, constructive, pressured ). Indemnity only if total loss.
B/L :Bill of Lading is evidence of a contract of carriage.
CTL :Constructive Total Loss.
If the costs to return the ship in the condition before the damage will exceed the value of the ship when repaired.
GA :General Average.
There is GA act. When and only when any extra ordinary sacrifice or expenditure is intentionally and reasonable make or in cure for the common safety, to preserve from perils the property involved in common maritime adventure.
NOR :otice of Readiness
That the ship is in all respects ready to load or discharge.

WWDSHEX (Weather Working Days Sundays and Holidays Excepted) Only working days, weather permitting will be counted, while Sundays and holidays are excepted.
WIFPON(Weather in Free Pratique Or Not)
NOR may be tendered before free pratique is obtained.
WICCON (Weather In Custom Clearance Or Not)
Cargo operations may begin prior to obtaining custom clearance.
LIFO :Liner In Free Out
Loading costs is to be borne by the ship while discharging will be borne by the cargo or charterer.
WIBON (Weather In Berth Or Not) NOR may be tendered although the vessel has arrived.
Demurrage A penalty to be paid by the charterer as loading/discharging exceeds the time allowed.
Dispatch The opposite of Demurrage, a kind of a bonus to be paid by the owners for having his ship earlier back than the time allowed, but dispatch is
only half demurrage.
LOF :Lloyd Open Form
A salvage contract based on no cure no pay.
a.a.r : Against All Risk

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