Today, 06/Mar/2017,
Magnama 2 Block 16,

Has been more than 1 month passed, the activities still going on as the usual the mariner’s life at sea.

Also has more long time, the blogs no updating from any news and some of copy paste article or something good to share.

So, if I wanna telling something, the secret may be…, the Indonesian mariner life some time better.. sometimes working, have a job… sometimes less job… get a job and going to sea! 3 months later finished the contract and get back shore no job… no job again.

it’s reality,, realities of some group of seaman life..!

Now.. also here… maybe I get better and back again to blog.. creating and writing something to enjoying the fun of the seaman life story… until the time will getting back to sign off, vacation and staying home, back to the problem again, less job.

So, as the subject I’m gonna write some fun things about Bangladesh offshore.. maybe get help for anyone of the seaman on the planet.. which has been an over the world relationship of life at sea.

Will be continued..

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