Oleh: Mas Edy

On board, 21 August 2009


The Officer of the watch should notify the master immediately in the following circumstances:

1. If restricted visibility is encountered or experienced.

2. If traffic conditions of the movement of the other ships are causing concern.

3. If difficult is experienced in maintaining course.

4. If failure to sight land, navigation mark or to obtain sounding by expected time.

5. If unexpectedly, land or navigation mark is sighted or change in sounding occur.

6. On breakdown of engine, steering gear or any other essential navigational


7. In heavy weather if any doubt about of the possibility of weather damage.

8. If the ship meet any hazardous to navigation.

9. In any other emergency or situation in which he is in any doubt.

10. On receiving distress call on GMDSS.

Despite the requirement to notify the master immediately in the foregoing circumstance, the Officer of watch should in addition not hesitate to take immediate action for the safety of the ship where circumstances so required.

Please remember the Master can no create miracles, master should be called before the ship reaches. “ The point of no return” .










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