Good night everyone.
From where I am, Weather observed sea and wind slight to calm, partly cloudy and from weather fax reported
[JMA] Typhoon KAI-TAK (201726) is at 11.1N, 127.4E with 1000hPa and 18m/s on 2017-12-14 09 UTC.

On bridge enjoying a time.. have a talking. VHF conversations monitoring are fishing vessel and merchant ship talking about fishing net.

Tonight no coffee. Usually in morning or noon after lunch.

Visibility is good.. I can see light of the town from here. Yes..! this better night. Current also slight. I think tonight is slight to calm night. Yes! I can imagine like that. Yeah in my position but not in weather fax reported position. There is a typhoon concentration. Sea is relative.. it’s not absolute. like tide sometime high sometime low and depend from where you are.

TW High sea
Calm Night.
Thursday, December 14, 2017 08.00PM +8UTC

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