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Category: Wheelhouse wall

Oleh: Mas Edy

On board, 21 August 2009


The Officer of the watch should notify the master immediately in the following circumstances:

1. If restricted visibility is encountered or experienced.

2. If traffic conditions of the movement of the other ships are causing concern.

3. If difficult is experienced in maintaining course.

4. If failure to sight land, navigation mark or to obtain sounding by expected time.

5. If unexpectedly, land or navigation mark is sighted or change in sounding occur.

6. On breakdown of engine, steering gear or any other essential navigational


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Oleh: Mas Edy

On Saturday, 11 July 2009

Minimum Underkeel Clearance

(minimum UKC)

In order to promote the safety and environmental security of the waterway resources of the Port or Channel, minimum Under Keel Clearance (UKC) (between Keel to Sea Bed) should be kept as follows, in case of no any specified recommendation by the Port authority, Pilot, Facility representative or Agent.

Minimum UKC = 10 % of ships` Draft

Example:Ships` Draft= 5.5m

UKC = 10 % of ships Draft

Draft= 5.5 m x 0.10 = 0.55 m

Requered minimum dept = 5.5 m + 0.55 m = 6.05 m

Minimum UKC = 10 % of ships` Draft


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Oleh: Mas Edy

On Saturday, 27 June 2009

1.Di daerah-daerah yang kepadatan lalu lintasnya tinggi, dan dalam jarak pandang terbatas, dan atau dalam semua situasi bahaya navigasi yang mana system control kemudi automatic ke manual digunakan, maka system perubahan kemudi dari auto-manual harus lah bisa di operasiakn/lakukan dgn mudah dan cepat.

2.Dalam keadaan seperti di atas, Mualim jaga yang sedang berdinas jaga,harus dapat bisa tanpa penundaan dan menunggu juru mudi/ Quarter master yang qualified, siapa yang siap, setiap waktu dapat mengoperasikan steering control.

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Oleh: Mas edy

Friday, 26 June 2009

Steering gear: Testing and drills

1.Within 12 hours before departure, the ship’s steering gear shall be checked andtested by the ship’s crew. The test procedure shall include, where applicable, theoperation of the following:

.1 the main steering gear;

.2 the auxiliary steering gear;

.3 the remote steering gear control systems;

.4 the steering positions located on the navigation bridge;

.5 the emergency power supply;

.6 the rudder angle indicators in relation to the actual position of the rudder;

.7 the remote steering gear control system power failure alarms;

.8 the steering gear power unit failure alarms; and

.9 automatic isolating arrangements and other automatic equipment.

2.The checks and tests shall include:

.1 the full movement of the rudder according to the required capabilities of the steering gear;

.2 a visual inspection for the steering gear and its connecting linkage; and

.3 the operation of the means of communication between the navigation bridge and steering gear compartment.