On the bridge, behind Warrior and C-Hu operations. Just cast-off form pick up stores at C-Hu, delivery from S’pore. Have a seat, finished remain coffee in the cup, open the note to writing some things that I wrote here.

Today at 26. Dec 2017. Yesterday evening going NIPA on Christmas day to pick up mooring master and STS cargo hoses to bringing it to warrior, to have a job with C.Hu.

On today afternoon, after lunch, come on the bridge and C/E give some papers to sign. Evaluation form. Today I feel more nice day as yesterday through the 25 December, Christmas day. Thank God for everything You have done in my daily life at sea.

Please keep me, lowly heart. What I have done… it’s not my skills and power… but Yours. I working as I working for God.. not for Humans.
What I have to give an evaluation to CE is not to make me be a powerful man on board. I can work with anyone, I can finish the job because you give spirit and protection to me also lowly heart learning from You.
What I have to write to this evaluation form, I write as I observed. I’m simple as the actual happen on what I have seen and what I heard from the bottom corner of my professionals’ skills You have given to me.

Thanks again…
and on this time I like to pass my words to my friends, readers at this article. I like to say Merry Christmas and happy new year to you. Have the great year 2017.. and have a wonderful year in 2018.

Thank you,
From here, has observed weather moderate and activities were in progress as well.

Tuesday, Dec 26, 2017

TW High sea
SeaMan Reported.

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