I’m writing this story, while vessel on the way going to west STS location at TW high sea. 3 fender 3.3m x 6.5 m fender with ropes and rigging accessories also one super boson from NIPA, have been loaded from port side NIPA.

Bosun who skilled of fender handling has called super bosun. I heard that word here, anyway its cool word. Those fender accessories are for support 3rd party STS operation. Moonbeam with OSprey STS will be conducted after 2nd party Warrior with O.Moonbeam finished.

We have been here at STS location from a few days ago, when after FW bunkered from the port and departed at 6 Jan 2018 @0100h, come to support P.Yang Hu STS Operating with Warrior and had also transfer 160Mt of F.water to NIPA before 1st STS operation Warrior with P.Yang Hu commenced.

1st STS job, Warrior and P.Yang Hu STS have completed on 07 Jan 2019.
We have to wait for another STS job again are Warrior with O.Moonbeam and right now I’m writing the story are 2nd STS party O.Moonbeam and Warrior are in progress.

On the bridge I just received AB reported that he saw some damage at hull near the window at port side her cabin window.

I went down, I have look crooked at hull window. It makes window frame pulled in. I thought it happened on 2nd STS Warrior and P. Yang Hu STS time.

We have transferred too many stores from NiPA to P.Yang Hu. When starting transfer store was going fine but after sunset weather changes.
Current and wind coming opposite. Wind direction change from our port bow and current pushing us by P.Yang Hu from starboard side to port.

Rolling and touching too much. I have decided to cast off and pulled out to stand by waiting weather permitted and will back continue to offload the deck stores. But just about half an hours while standby at vicinity, the bridge got called form 1st STS party that ETC their Cargoes transfer will remaining 1 hours to go.

I went back bridge and brought back the ship alongside them. I decide to alongside Bow to stern. Our port side alongside port side of STS party.

I hope will be getting better but the condition come worse rolling and touching and caused hull at near cabin window was crooked… its high sea working consequences… Keep spirit minor damages. Continue to course of the story…

Unplanned received today, I heard from radio bridge was spoken A. Rong will proceed to NIPA for pickup fender. I Checked email and also has already replayed by Chief off.

Sometimes an unplanned job will come according to operations department judgment. That alright.

O.Moonbeam will STS with Osprey due to warrior has not enough space to received all O.Moonbeam cargoes. it called 3rd STS.

Now the equipments for support 3rd STS operation are ready on board. Has loaded from NIPA and we’re underway back to 2nd STS operating location. It remained 12 miles to go to 2nd STS party location.
3rd STS will be commenced after 2nd STS completed.

Right now, Weather observed rough sea wind speed about 20 Knots from NNW air temperature about 18 C. current/total vessel drifting from I sailor data about to SSE 1.2 knots.

From TW higsea
SeaMan story.
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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