Posted 28/02/16
Panduan Drill dan Checklist; Fire

The below team actions are not base on Engine Room Fire. In the case of Fire in the Engine Room, the roles of Team 1 and Team 2 are reversed, but the Team names and members composition remains unchanged.

  1. Stop Engines, if at sea
  2. Sound Emergency Alarm
  3. Assess class of fire, extinguishing agent, method of attack, and deploy. Each Team to have at least one member donned with SCBA set
  4. Commence boundary cooling
  5. Close down ventilation, shut fire dampers, close watertight doors, all doors and skylights
    Remove combustible materials from vicinity
  6. Maintain VHF watch on Channel 16, and 13 if appropriate, call for shore assistance if in port
  7. Exhibit lights/shapes and make any appropriate sound signals Switch on deck lightings at night
  8. If releasing CO2 into E/R, do head count first
  9. Prepare Inmarsat C format for automatic distress transmission
  10. Broadcast DISTRESS ALERT and MESSAGE if the ship is in grave and imminent danger and immediate assistance is required, otherwise broadcast an URGENCY message to ships in the vicinity.

Other Actions:

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