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Index of Certificates

01. International Tonnage Certificate (1969) Tonnage Convention Art 7

02. International Load Line Certificate LL Convention Art 16

03. International Load Line Exemption Certificate LL Convention Art 6

04. Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate SOLAS Reg I/12

05. Intact stability booklet

06. Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate

07. Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate SOLAS Reg I/12(GMDSS I/12)

08. Cargo Ship Safety Radio Exemption Certificate

09. Damage control booklets

10. Minimum Safe Manning Document SOLAS Reg V/14.2

11. Cargo Securing Manual SOLAS Reg VI/5.6 & VII/5

12. International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate MARPOL I

13. Certificate of Fitness Offshore Support Vessel (for hazardous and noxious liquids) Resolution A.673(16) MARPOL Ann II Reg 13; or International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk (NLS Certificate) MARPOL II Annex II Reg 9

14. Document of Compliance with the special requirements for ships carrying Dangerous Goods SOLAS Reg II-2/19.4

15. Dangerous Goods Manifest or Stowage Plan SOLAS VII/5

16. Garbage management plan and garbage record book

17. Diving Systems Safety Certificate Resolution A.536(13)

18. Dynamically Supported Craft Construction and Equipment Certificate

19. Oil Record Book

20. Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan

21. Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan MARPOL II Reg 9

22. International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate MARPOL VI Reg 6

23. Safety Management Certificate SOLAS Reg IX/4 ISM Para 13

24. Document of Compliance (copy) SOLAS Reg IX/4. ISM Para 13

25. Noise Survey Report SOLAS Reg II 1/3-12 or Resolution A.468(XII)

26. Continuous Synopsis Record SOLAS Reg XI-1/5

27. International Ship Security Certificate (original) SOLAS Reg XI-2/9.1.1 ISPS Part A Sec. 19

28. Ship Security Plan (not for examination) SOLAS Reg IX-2/9

29. Cabotage – if applicable

30. International Anti-fouling/TBT Free Certificate AFS Convention Annex 4 Reg 2(1) – if applicable

31. MARPOL IV/V/VI – if applicable

32. Ship Sanitation Control Certificate/Exemption Certificate IHR 2005 – Derat

33. Ballast Water Management Plan

34. P&I

35. H&M Insurance Certificate

36. Employer Liability Insurance Certificate

37. Certificate of Registry CLOS Art. 91

38. Certificate of Crew Accommodation Inspection ILO 92

39. Radio Licence ITUC Ch.V Reg 18

40. International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate MARPOL IV

1. AIS Annual Test Certificate SOLAS Reg V/18.9

2. Bunker Oil Civil Liability Certificate Bunker Convention 2001

3. Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (optional in lieu of 6, 7, 8) 1988 SOLAS Protocol

4. Certificate of Classification As required by flag state if vessel is classed

5. Clean Air Certificate (for breathing gas compressor systems) If required by national authorities

6. Dynamically Supported Craft Construction and Equipment Certificate SOLAS/DSC Code/ Resolution A.373(X)

7. Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (including technical file and record book of engine parameters if applicable) MARPOL VI Sect. 30

8. Exemption Certificate SOLAS Reg I/12

9. Helideck Certificate CAP 437 or ICAO Annex 14 Vol 2

10. International Energy Efficiency Certificate MARPOL VI Reg 6

11. LRIT Conformance Test Report SOLAS Reg V/19-1

12. Maritime Labour Convention Certificate Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) Part 1 and 2 MLC 2006 Reg 5.1.3

13. OSV Certificate of Fitness (for hazardous and noxious liquids); or International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk (NLS Certificate) MARPOL 73/78 Annex II

14. OSV Document of Compliance Resolution MSC.232(82)

15. Potable Water Quality Test Certificate

16. Pressure Vessel Systems Certification (including breathing air compressor plant if applicable) As required by national authorities

17. Protection & Indemnity Insurance Certificate

18. Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) MARPOL VI Reg 22

19. Shore Based Maintenance Certificate (GMDSS)

20. Special Purpose Ship Safety Certificate (2008 SPS Code)

21. Suez & Panama Canal Certificate (as required)

22. Voyage Data Recorder Annual Performance Test Certificate SOLAS Reg V/18.8