Master review. Today has submitted Master’s review of SMS. This is one of the master onboard jobs as per ISM code to review the shipboard performance and company management system how was the system effective on board.
Yeah… from my thought was many things to add, insert, remove and amend.

As we know onboard AHTS/supply boat is simple but not simply as we thought as a small boat or tugboat. From my observed supply vessel so more safety on direct practical rather than other types of vessel. also, more equipment needs to maintain properly to rich the goal of company safety policy.

But don’t think that if more safety needs much more form and many things have to perform..!! no.. it just needs a simple practical form performance.

Yeah.. just imagine it.. just like a car… or motorcycle, you need to make sure all part, turn/side light, brake, mirror window, steering well at on your maintain attention.

Below just some items to our attention so simple.. don’t think checklist same as maintenance. We must separate it.

Below some items, I have reviewed.

Chapter 7 (Maintenance)

1. Autopilot
2. Echo/Depth Sounder
3. Magnetic Compass
4. Gyro And Repeaters
5. VHF Radios
6. Single Side Band (SSB)
7. Inmarsat-C & Printers
8. GPS
10. Distress Signals
11. Searchlight Fwd/Aft bridge (separate with Aldis lamp)
12. Aldis lamp
13. Clear view screen Fwd/Aft bridge window
14. E.P.I.R.P
15. SART
16. SSAS
17. AIS
18. Weather Fax

1. Anchor Windlass Insp/Gres
2. Anchor And Chains.
3. Capstan. Aft P/S and Fwd P/S.
4. Mooring ropes.
5. Fenders.

1. Deck Crane (gres. Wire, hook chk)
2. Tow Winch (greas point.)
3. Tow Wire & Work Wires (gres.)
4. Spare Towing wire and work wire (gres.)

1. Scuppers and Drains
2. Transfer Hoses

1. Bow Thruster Engine
2. Anchor Handling Towing Winch Engine
3. Fuel Oil Purifier

Request zero injury intensive money for crews onboard

– Please more improved ISM System forms. Separate tanker form with Tug and Supply vessel form.
– Provide PMS Manual for each item that stated in PMS.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Today story,
Evening at bridge: 22-17N/120-18E


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