Oleh: Mas Edy

     On board, 23 August 2009

  • Company’s Bridge standing orders shall be complied.
  • The relieving officer shall report to the bridge at least 5 minutes before the hours and must ascertain the vessel’s position before the relieve officer leaves the bridge.
  • All watch keeping Officer’s should know how to operate all bridge equipment and GMDSS certificate holders should be able to send DSC message on the MF/HF radio.
  • Engine and steering on your disposal, do not hesitate to use whenever it’s required.
  • The OOW shall not engage the look out man in long frivolous talks.
  • At a time, the 2/OF shall ensure that there is an effective look out man on duty whilst he preparing the noon report.

  • During approaches to anchorages and harbors’ transit vessel’s position shall be fixed at intervals of 6 minutes, this shall include pilot passage.
  • Always take proper action to avoid collision with ample time either in open seas, channel, or fairways.
  • Steer the ship manually in condition of high traffic density, narrow channel and in restricted visibility.
  • Keep away from any floating object which endangers the vessel such as floating container, floating log and fishing net markers.
  • OOW shall be aware of planned UKC, squat effects and in tidal windows in areas with the reduced Under keel clearance, planned UKC shall not be less than 1.5 meters.
  • The Echo Sounder shall be operated in narrow channels and approaches to harbors’, the UKC at such shall not be less than 2 meters where the available depth of water would not permit this, Master shall be informed in ample time to enable reduction in speed to minimize the effect of squat.
  • Inform the master immediately if distress call is received in close proximity or when vessel in distress is sighted.
  • Anti piracy measures are maintained from sunset to sunrise while at sea as required, safety fire patrols are to be carried out by the relieved OOW after his watch.
  • Monitor movement of fast moving targets on radar and call the master is suspected to be pirate in any water whether the ship is at anchor or underway.
  • Never be part from the provision under the bridge procedures guide, rules of the road and this master’s standing orders.
  • Officers are to remember that the master is always on standby, call at anytime you are in any difficult or in any doubt, but never fail to take an action.
  • These standing orders are not for window dressing purpose, Officer are to read its carry its out. Do remember that indiscipline is a kin to careless mess, which is a harbinger of accident.

                                                                                                    Master of …MT……..

Acknowledgement :

I acknowledge that I have read and understood master’s and

Company’s standing orders in this booklet.

Chief Officer                           Second Officer                                    Third Officer

Name,initials,rank & date       Name,initials,rank & date                 Name,initials,rank & date

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