Perbarui, 25/02/16

Panduan Drill dan Checklist; Piracy, Terrorism

  1. Sound Emergency Alarm.
  2. Refer to “Ship Security Procedure” Take evasive action, zigzag course or increase speed.
  3. Sound whistle continuously, switch on deck lightings, train searchlights (if available) and Aldis lamps on attackers.
  4. Turn on fire hoses, direct at attackers with jets, cuts ropes of grappling hooks if used
    Use ship’s parachute rockets and hand flare against attackers.
  5. Lock all entrances to Accommodation and Engine Room except one for eventual crew retreat into accommodation.
  6. Once pirates boarded, retreat to the bridge, lock remaining door.
  7. Prepare Inmarsat C format for automatic distress transmission.
  8. Activate Ship Security Alarm System (SSAS).
  9. Broadcast DISTRESS ALERT and MESSAGE if the ship is in grave and imminent danger and immediate assistance is required, otherwise broadcast an URGENCY message to ships in the vicinity.
  10. If attackers armed and imminent threat to lives, surrender and give in to their demands.

Other Actions:

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