Something Something…

Good evening everybody. Hope you all have enjoyed your evening anywhere. Come back again with me the SeaMan. From the sea I’m gonna write something-something.

Hope you enjoying my writing speaking. exactly I was crazy in my group WhatsApp community, but I thought I was boring group member. So I come here in my personal blog to writing and speaking for what I like to writing and speaking.

I’m writing to maintain my mental health. You know that..?? life at sea like life at some place far from anythings. If no mobile internet connection, you may imagine it. it’s so difficult for human life at sea.
Sometimes worse, good and better..!! Depend on daily movement of your level of mental health.

Yeah.. its human..!! You maybe not at sea but your mental health also is not stable some time happy sometimes bored. isn’t it?

Okay, I’m in my room. I’m gonna look something movie to watch or watch some YouTube.. and oh, I remember of my records of word of God from my church, my wife doing it for me. I’m gonna look at that before going to sleep hope will nice dream.

Monday, December 18, 2017

TW High sea

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