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Masters` Standing Order

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     Oleh: Mas Edy

     On board, 23 August 2009

  • Company’s Bridge standing orders shall be complied.
  • The relieving officer shall report to the bridge at least 5 minutes before the hours and must ascertain the vessel’s position before the relieve officer leaves the bridge.
  • All watch keeping Officer’s should know how to operate all bridge equipment and GMDSS certificate holders should be able to send DSC message on the MF/HF radio.
  • Engine and steering on your disposal, do not hesitate to use whenever it’s required.
  • The OOW shall not engage the look out man in long frivolous talks.
  • At a time, the 2/OF shall ensure that there is an effective look out man on duty whilst he preparing the noon report.

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Oleh: Mas edy

Friday, 26 June 2009

Steering gear: Testing and drills

1.Within 12 hours before departure, the ship’s steering gear shall be checked andtested by the ship’s crew. The test procedure shall include, where applicable, theoperation of the following:

.1 the main steering gear;

.2 the auxiliary steering gear;

.3 the remote steering gear control systems;

.4 the steering positions located on the navigation bridge;

.5 the emergency power supply;

.6 the rudder angle indicators in relation to the actual position of the rudder;

.7 the remote steering gear control system power failure alarms;

.8 the steering gear power unit failure alarms; and

.9 automatic isolating arrangements and other automatic equipment.

2.The checks and tests shall include:

.1 the full movement of the rudder according to the required capabilities of the steering gear;

.2 a visual inspection for the steering gear and its connecting linkage; and

.3 the operation of the means of communication between the navigation bridge and steering gear compartment.

Di rangkum oleh: Mas Edy

On Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sumber: berbagai sumber buku pelayaran


Automatic Identification System


Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System: a worldwide voluntary system operated exclusively to support SAR and to make information available to all RCCs


Admiralty Raster Chart Service: electronic raster charts produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Pasang surut online


Oleh Mas Edy

Onboard: 19 January 2009

pasang-surut Ada salah satu kendala bagi sebagian officer khususnya 2nd officer adalah untuk mencari Pasang Surut / Tide Predictions sebuah pelabuhan yang hendak di singgahi untuk keperluan kalkulasi UKC atau pun untuk keperluan mengisi passage plan. Kalo sekedar hanya berlayar di perariran Indonesia dengan menggunakan Daftar Pasang Surut Indonesia saja saya rasa tidak terlalu rumit karena penyajian informasi pada Daftar Pasang Surut Indonesia Sangat Mudah. nahh.. sedikit rumit apabila anda berlayar di perairan luar negeri ocean going dgn kapal berbendera asing pula maka akan mengalami kendala untuk kita yang belum paham benar cara menggunakan ATT (Admiralty Tide Table) cara mendapatkan Secondary port dengan perhitungan menggunakan Standard port yang sedikit membutuhkan pengetahuan akan metode atau cara membuka tabel.

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