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Posted 29/02/16 |
Panduan Drill dan Checklist; Oil  Spill – Pollution

  1. Sound Emergency Alarm
  2. Stop all transfer/bunkering operations, if caused by such,
    investigate root cause
  3. Deploy Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP)
  4. Alert shore authorities if in port, refer to SOPEP attachment
    contact list
  5. If leakage from tank, transfer to other tanks or ashore
  6. If spilled on deck, contain spill, commence mop up. If spill into water consider using Oil Spill Dispersant with Fast Rescue Craft
  7. Take fire precautions, standby Fire Fighting equipment
  8. Send initial report to the Company and Shore authorities as per SOPEP 2.4 and MSEM

Other Actions:

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  1. If oil spill on board, immediately report to officer on watch, call master/chief engineer.

  2. Stop bunkering, ballasting and cargo preparations, take precautions for inflammable gases and risk of fire.

  3. Alert the oil spill response team, identify the source of oil spill, if necessary use other emergency plan/checklist.

  4. Immediately call the company and brief the incident.

  5. Make oil pollution initial notifications immediately to appropriate shore authorities (coast state, port state, flag state) and local agent/charterer.

  6. Take steps to control oil spill and prevent oil escape overboard. Clean up oil on deck by all means.

  7. Take measures to prevent/control fire risk and prepare lifeboat and lifesaving equipment for emergency.

  8. Make oil spill report soonest to the company.

  9. Follow up status reports to shore authority as appropriate. All actions to be recorded in deck log book/official log book.

  10. Follow up status report to the company at 3 hourly intervals until crisis is over.

  11. Maintain all records of communication time OOW.


Java Sea 24/08/13

Oleh: Mas Edy

On shore, 20 January 2010



Marpol contains 6 annexes, concerned with preventing different forms of marine pollution from ships:

Annex I: Prevention of pollution by oil

Annex II: Control of pollution by noxious liquid substances

Annex III: Prevention of pollution by harmful substances in packaged form

Annex IV: Prevention of pollution by sewage from ships

Annex V: Prevention of pollution by garbage from ships

Annex VI: Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships

1. Annex I : Peraturan pencegahan pencemaran yang ditimbulkan oleh minyak (Oil) in bulk.

2. Annex II : Peraturan pencegahan pencemaran yang ditimbulkan oleh cairan berbahaya dalam bentuk curah ( Noxious liquid substances in bulk )

3. Annex III : Peraturan pencegahan pencemaran yang ditimbulkan oleh Zat – Zat berbahaya dalam kemasan ( Harmfull substances in package )

4. Annex IV : Peraturan pencegahan pencemaran yang ditimbulkan oleh pembuangan kotoran ( Sewage )

5. Peraturan pencegahan pencemaran yang ditimbulkan oleh Sampah ( Garbage ).

6. Peraturan pencegahan pencemaran yang ditimbulkan oleh Pencemaran udara ( Air pollution )

Isi dalam MARPOL bukan melarang pembuangan zat-zat pencemar ke laut, tetapi mengatur cara pembuangan nya. Agar dgn pembuangan tersebut laut tidak tercemar ( rusak ), dan ekosistim laut tetap terjaga.

Seperti pada Annex I , kapal masih membuang minyak kelaut dgn ketentuan :

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