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Kumpulan Topik Shipping Terminology


I. Shipping Terminology
Give a definition in English for the following terms
1. Arrived ship
2. Coaster
3. LNG Carrier
4. Short Sea Liner

1. Arrived Ship : Ship has reached a Port, end of her voyage.
2. Coaster : A ship sails in coastal routes and up river to inland port.
3. LNG : A ship as designed and built specially to carry Liquid Natural Gas
4.Short Sea Liners: Ships are sailing on regular routes in short distance or domestic voyage, on fixed timetable.


Give a concise definition in English for the following terms.
1.Baltic Route
2 Chief Officer
3.LNG Carrier
4.Short-sea Liners
5.Odorous Cargo
6.Chapter IV ( STCW 95 )
7.North Cardinal Mark ( Buoyage )
8.Registry Certificate


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