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Marine Higher Education Institute
In progress Updated 14 Feb, 2011

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Soal 1

A ship of 8500 tonnes displacement has TPC 10 tonnes, MCT 1cm 100 tonnes m and the centre of flotation is amidships. She is completing loading under coal tips. Nos. 2 and 3 holds are full, but space is available in No. 1 hold (centre of gravity 50 m forward of amidships), and in No. 4 hold (centre of gravity 45 m aft of amidships). The present drafts are 6.5 m F and 7 m A, and the load draft is 7.1 m. Find how much cargo is to be loaded in each of the end holds so as to put the ship down to the load draft and complete loading on an even keel.

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