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    I.  Terjemahan Surat di bawa ini ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia yang baik ! (40)


    To the Directors of the Liverpool Steam Chip                          Lisbon, January 10th. 1946
    Navigation Company Ltd.                                                        o/b ss “Mersey”


    Dear Sirs,

    Re : Collision off the Portuguese coast.

    Herewith I confirm my radiotelegram, dated January 9th last, reading : Collision off Oporto stop forepeak making water stop no direct danger stop tug assistance underway stop master.

    Following up the above radio message, I now let you have a more detailed report from Lisbon, where meanwhile we have safely arrived. On January 9th, during the second dog watch the “Mersey”, on passage from Bristol to the Levant was run into by a Spanish cargo boat off Oporto in a dense fog.

    Our vessel got a big hole in the starboard bow, just below the waterline and the forepeak began to make water rapidly. In order to ease the collision bulkhead we put the vessel down the wind. The colliding ship was slightly damaged and stood by (kept in vicinity) to render assistance if required. The weather was rather rough and a heavy swell was running. A wireless call for tug assistance was sent out, and soon the “Zwarte Zee” of Smit’s International Towage Service, stationed at Oporto, put in an appearance (turned up). Connection was made with our stern, our engines were put on full astern and course was shaped for Lisbon port, where we safely arrived at 2 a.m. to day. Awaiting your instructions, we remain.

    Very truly yours,

    Capt. H. Bronson
    Master ss “Mersey”


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