Today out of a ring of GSM signal… TW high sea STS operation in progress Warrior with O. Moonbeam.

1800h weather slight sea swell and current. Vessel drifting speed about 1.7knots.
Steaming behind, OOW keep watching. Coming on the bridge have a seat, writing some things… enjoying a cup of coffee. Have done also dinner and shower.

This is the time to watch my move when out of signal. I also think to finish all movies before sign off and vacation.

When I get started writing idea is coming fluently.. but you know sometimes have difficulty to began a writing.

To keep my life spirit and mental health I will try to make some writing every day. keeping mind running well just writing out what I thought.

I remember some words I just have watched in movie was “visionary”

What exactly mean of visionary?? when I copy paste the word to my mobile dictionary is said “Pelamun” in Indonesian. oh.. its word inspired me. In my first language its get me more into the deep meaning of the hidden power.

Life at sea many using visionary. You know even on shore also vision is needed to everyone life destination.

So think more about it in your first language the expansion meaning of the visionary… and explore more thing will be brought you to a good way of life.

Have I nice visionary… and enjoying your time anywhere.

Friday, December 22, 2017
From the high sea TW,
SeaMan reported.

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