Daily story … yes, daily story!

Today at anchorage someplace in the nearest port of TW. Finished STS job at sea on 29 December 2017, and picked up off signer crew at NIPA, on the way back port for dropped the crew.

At 30 December 2017 early morning arrived in port. Waiting a while outside for permission. Making some VHF call with VTS and some mobile confirmation call with the agent. Everything went well… Entered port dropped anchor and disembark off signer crew. Remaining standby at anchorage until I’m writing this story.

Tonight is the last night of 365 night in 2017.
Thanks for the year of 2017. God brought me into a good experience and story I had been inside.

Year of crazy in English. yeah, I can say like that…! many years but in 2017 I have crazy in English and write my blog in English even bad in writing… I keep and slowly make improvements from the day-to-day mistake and bad spoke and wrote. I try to keep going hopefully will be improved and better in the further… that’s is the goal. Please pray for me.

Right now I’m in my cabin lay down on the sofa… write this story. Also while I’m writing this story… WhatsApp messenger sometimes pop up and I have to check and reply some… okay I have to stop writing a moment, plying my COC game, troops are ready. I will be back.

Hello… I’m back…
2×200 troops were dropped and got lots of treasure.! COC games.

Was got called ” Mie Ayam ready” Yeah, onboard celebrate the new year 2018. AB cook has prepared some food for this last night of the year 2017 is Mie Ayam, Indonesian famous noodles.
Got out of my room and have a seat at the bridge to finish this writing to enjoying the Mie Ayam, Indonesian favorite noodles.

This time may I have some words to you is
“Wishing you a very happy new year 2018.”
And had good experiences and good stories in 2017. God bless.

From the anchorage area nearest TW.
SeaMan. end of writing at 22:51h/ 31 December 2017…

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